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Testimonials for Bad Debt Insurance

Johnsons Haulage is helped by Bad Debt Insurance from Peter Hill Credit

"After two of our customers went into receivership within 18 months we were struggling with cash flow problems, because of this we couldn't afford any more bad luck to come our way.

With the national credit crisis taking a firm grip of our economy we began to look into ways to overcome what was an increasingly difficult time for everyone.

However when a colleague of ours suggested credit insurance we felt that it might be something worth looking into. After much research and time spent reading and understanding how the procedure would work we happened upon Andrew at Peter Hill Credit who we found to be most helpful. He explained the whole process clearly and concisely, and explained to us how to get the most out of our cover as well as what levels of cover where available to us. After this we felt that what had started out to be quite a complex procedure had ultimately turned out to be a very easy decision to make for our Haulage business as  this cover protects us from the kind of bad situations we had experienced previously.

This has enabled us to concentrate of the day to day running of the business where in the past we may have had other factors to take into consideration.
 I couldn't hold Peter Hill Credit in higher regard, because of them we have regained confidence in our industry and our business has expanded."

Paul Johnson
Partner Johnsons Haulage  

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